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Mauritius & Norway Discuss Ways to Expand Bilateral Cooperation

Mauritius and Norway will further collaborate to strengthen existing ties and expand bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interest. This was at the fore of discussions this afternoon during a courtesy call by the Ambassador of Norway to Mauritius with residence in Maputo, Mozambique, Ms Anne Lene Dale, on the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, at the New Treasury Building in Port Louis.

Tags: mauritius, norway, bilateral coopereation, mutual interest, economic diplomacy, east africa, governance

From Paris To Beijing: China, Next Champion On Climate Change?

Under Xi Jinping China has made no secret that it aspires to bigger roles on the global stage, including taking on leadership in global governance and multilateral cooperation. Xi’s recent speech at Davos World Economic Forum, though a little ironic, came as a timely boost for international trade and economic cooperation. In the case of climate change, should China become the next champion, this is not only because it seeks international status, but there is also concrete convergence of domestic interests and international commitments.

Tags: climate change, global governance, Paris Agreement, china, analysis, climate diplomacy, global aid & development, foreign policy, multilateral cooperation

Concert to Benefit Refugees at Arab American Museum

On Sunday, the Arab American National Museum will host Rock for Refugees, a concert to benefit the national campaign Take On Hate, as well as Freedom House Detroit, the nonprofit that helps new arrivals fleeing persecution. [...] Organizer Ismael Ahmed was inspired to hold the concert, he said, both by the rising hostility to immigrants and refugees nationwide, and the hopeful resistance that was sparked by the Women’s March and the airport protests over the president’s Muslim ban.

Tags: music diplomacy, help refugees, museum diplomacy, national campaign, community building, cultural exchange, international advocacy, non-profit organization

Nigerian Business Leaders to Hold Agribusiness Trip to Indonesia

The business meeting was organized by the Indonesian embassy and the PLACCIMA. The meeting was part of the program of economic diplomacy of the Indonesian embassy to open wider access to the potential Western African market. Indonesia, chairman of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) is keen on expanding economic cooperation and market to the African continent.

Tags: indonesia, indonesian embassy, government pd, nigeria, west africa, economic diplomacy, economic cooperation, government pd

Taekwondo Taken to UN for Int' Day of Sport for Development & Peace

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has given a "wide-ranging" demonstration and seminar at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York City as part of celebrations for the upcoming International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The event was jointly organised by the Permanent Mission of Monaco to the UN and Peace and Sport.

Tags: development and peace, global development, united nations, sports diplomacy, international day for sport, taekwondo, humanitarian efforts

Trump’s Real ASEAN Test

The Trump administration’s real ASEAN test is whether it can preserve the U.S. role as a capable and willing Pacific power seeking to advance greater security, prosperity, and democracy in the Asia-Pacific while working with Southeast Asian states on common challenges in a way that advances U.S. interests but still preserves their autonomy and freedom of action.

Tags: Donald Trump, asean nations, us-china relations, southeast asia, foreign policy, trans-pacific partnership (TPP), japan, united states

‘Cuba Comes to Jazz Fest’ Promises Fulfilling Cultural Exchange

This year's cultural exchange at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival promises to be special. As festival producer Quint Davis put it, Cuba comes to Jazz Fest! Davis says it's a project that has taken time and resources. "We been working on this for two years," he explained. "We went to Senator Landrieu's office in Washington to say we want to do this. [...] We're bringing 150 people from Cuba. That means 150 visas and interviews, which has never been done."

Tags: jazz diplomacy, cuba, cultural exchange, Cultural Diplomacy, new orleans, music diplomacy

AIM to Highlight Govt Role in Boosting Business

The upcoming Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai, UAE will feature a strategic platform to discuss the role of government in shaping a competitive business environment to attract investment, facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation. [...] The meeting will provide key insights on how the government and other stakeholders stimulate and facilitate the flow of investments between countries and establish investment partnerships in vital sectors.

Tags: strategic platform, uae, dubai, innovation, entrepreneurship, government pd, stakeholder, partnership, business development, trade relations


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