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In the recently released 2019 Soft Power 30 report, CPD Director Jay Wang explores the concepts of "digital for public diplomacy" and "public diplomacy for the digital."

Profound and influential technological advances are disrupting public diplomacy. 

Exchanges leave an indelible mark on participants, but what about the local cities that host them?

Mel Levine, Rockwell Schnabel and Jay Wang champion the importance of American public diplomacy today.

Group of people in a circle

CPD Director Jay Wang on the passions and anxieties driving today's political climate.

brands of earth

Jay Wang on the growing ambiguity of the "Made in" label.

Edinburgh Skyline in Watercolor Background, by Paul Rommer

In the wake of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit, how can we think about cultural diplomacy?

Merged Flag of China and USA

Jay Wang on why public diplomacy between the two superpowers is more crucial than ever.