Multimedia Resources

Palestinian-American Suzie Afridi uses stand-up comedy as a means of expression.

April 23, 2018

Take a listen to CPD's public diplomacy podcast featuring interviews with scholars and practitioners in the field.

UNESCO e-Platform on Intercultural Dialogue

Browse their online library to learn more about topics from peace & conflict resolution to citizenship.

The hosts of the "Explaining Brazil" podcast talk with Daniel Buarque on the country's diminishing influence in the international sphere.

Art Across Cultures

Learn about the cross-cultural artwork of Fanfan Wu.

A glimpse into how Inspire Somalia provided a counterweight to the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab.

A new episode of the BBC History Hour podcast reviews the beginning of its international broadcasting services in Portuguese and Spanish.

Photo via Unsplash

This video interview recounts a U.S. State Department-led collaboration between two chefs—one American, one Pakistani—that resulted in a miniseries for a popular Pakistani TV food network.