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What differentiates political communication and public diplomacy? CPD Blog Contributor Kadir Jun Ayhan offers suggestions to better define PD 

A University of Southern California class takes an multidisciplinary approach to addressing the global refugee crisis.

Rob Asghar provides geopolitical context for the region as long-standing tensions bubble to the surface.

The rise and fall of public libraries as a tool to spread U.S. ideals in Iran 

The British parliamentarians err by treating Facebook as just a company that needs regulating. 

In part two of this two-part series, CPD Faculty Fellow Vivian Walker positions Hungary's brick-and-mortar revisionism as classic disinformation.

Positive messaging of diplomacy activities negates the common belief that fear and anger travel faster online. 

President Trump has declared terrorism defeated in Syria and Iraq, but CVE efforts increasingly need more attention in central Africa.


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