About the CPD Research Fellowship Program

In August 2009, the Center launched a new fellowship program designed to support and publicize the work of scholars and practitioners of public diplomacy. Selected from a competitive pool of international applicants by a review committee, the CPD Research Fellows will each oversee a substantive research project that will yield at least two outputs, including one publication for the CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy series. The second output could consist of a blog series for the CPD Blog, or another type of product which the Fellow develops with CPD. Three non-resident fellows will be named every year, each serving a two-year term. The selected candidates will each receive a $2,000 stipend awarded at the successful completion of the fellowship.  

*Please note that USC students and faculty are ineligible for the CPD Research Fellowship.

Current CPD Research Fellows

Zahid Shahab Ahmed
CPD Research Fellow, 2017-2019
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization, Deakin University
CPD Project: "How are Attitudes towards China formed in Pakistan? Analysis of Beijing’s Public Diplomacy in the Context of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor."

Banu Akdenizli
CPD Research Fellow, 2016-2018
Associate Professor of Communications, Northwestern University in Qatar
CPD Project: "Digital Diplomacy in the Gulf: An Analysis of Embassies, Foreign Ministries, and Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Twitter Accounts."

Lindsay J. Benstead
CPD Research Fellow, 2017-2019
Associate Professor, Political Science, Portland State University
CPD Project: "Evolving Views of U.S. Foreign Policy among Arab Citizens."

Mietek Boduszyński  
CPD Research Fellow, 2016-2018
Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations, Pomona College 
CPD Project: "U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Age of the Fortress Embassy: Balancing Mission and Security in the Post-Benghazi Era."

Alexander Buhmann 
CPD Research Fellow, 2016-2018
Assistant Professor, Norwegian School of Business 
CPD Project: "Why Do(n’t) They Measure? Drivers and Barriers in Public Diplomacy Measurement and Evaluation."

Ali Fisher
CPD Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Advisor, Strategist and Author
CPD Project: " Netwar in Cyberia: Decoding the Media Mujahedeen and the Jihadist Swarmcast."

Diana Ingenhoff
CPD Research Fellow, 2017-2019
Professor of Organizational and Strategic Communication, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Fribourg
CPD Project: "Developing a 360-degree Integrated Public Diplomacy Evaluation Approach: Analyzing Country Images from Stakeholder and Media Perspectives."

Barbora Maronkova
CPD Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Programme Manager, Public Diplomacy Division, NATO HQ
CPD Project: "From Crawling to Walking; Progress in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Diplomacy (Lessons Learned from NATO)."

Emily Metzgar
CPD Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Associate Professor, Indiana University
CPD Project: "Journalism with Purpose: Foreign Policy, Domestic Politics & U.S. International Broadcasting."

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