This program is designed to create a productive virtual space for research collaboration. At our discretion, CPD selects Contributing Scholars whose work closely aligns with our current research priorities. Appointments are for a renewable term of one year.

Senem Cevik
CPD Contributing Scholar
Rising Soft Power in Emerging Markets, 2015 - 2016
Giacomo Chiozza
CPD Contributing Scholar
Global Youth Project, 2014-15
Mai’a K. Davis Cross
CPD Contributing Scholar
European Public Diplomacy, 2013 - 2014
Falk Hartig
CPD Contributing Scholar
Post-doctoral Researcher, Goethe-University Frankfurt
Erik Nisbet
CPD Blog Contributor and Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor at School of Communication, Ohio State University
Lauren Rogers
CPD Blog Contributor
Damien Spry
CPD Contributing Scholar
Juyan Zhang
CPD Contributing Scholar
Faith Diplomacy Initiative, 2011-2014