Middle East

The first of a two-part series by Madison Jones on the soft power of ISIL.

Ilan Manor details the start-and-stop nature of governments' digital diplomacy efforts.

Following the 2018 ISA annual conference, Ilan Manor offers his take on the positive side of digital tools.

Photo by InfiniteThought via Pixabay
March 8, 2018

Sohaela Amiri discusses cities' expanding roles at the global negotiating table, from climate change, to winning hearts and minds and beyond. 

Ilan Manor discusses how Network Gatekeepers can be harnessed to stop the flow of disinformation, hate speech and more.

Joseph Braude explains the popularity of RT in Arab countries and what American media can do to counter it.

CPD hosted a discussion with the author of a penetrating new book on the rapid proliferation and media growth of terrorist organizations.

Dr. Haroon Ullah discussed his new book, which outlined social media’s influence on the Muslim world, and its implications for regional and international politics.