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China in Pan-African News Magazines

In light of the rapidly growing relationship between China and Africa, Dr. Tokunbo Ojo of York University in Toronto has written an evaluation of the Sino-African relationship as framed by pan-African news magazines. Using New African magazine and African Business as case studies, Ojo studies how these publications present China to the African diaspora. His findings are focused not only on the level of coverage granted to Sino-African affairs, but the way in which "China in the socioeconomic and political spheres of many African countries is portrayed." Overall, New African presents a doggedly positive view of China through episodic coverage, while African Business prints more nuanced and extensive analyses of the Sino-African relationship.

The full article is available here, as part of a special issue of the Chinese Journal of Communication entitled The Voice of China in Africa: Media, Communication Technologies and Image-Building.

Photo by the Government of Zimbabwe I CC 2.0


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