David Kang: Media Rhetoric & North Korea

On October 10, 2017, CPD partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea to host a series of timely dialogues, titled, "Challenges and Innovations: South Korea's Soft Power." 

One panel discussion featured David Kang, director of the USC Korean Studies Institute and director of the USC Center for International Studies, who discussed how Donald Trump's rhetoric affects the debate surrounding North Korea. 

"It is insane how American media has gone berserk about North Korea," said Kang. "And I'm not convinced it's because of what North Korea is doing."

Watch the video to learn why Kang thinks, "we are still fundamentally in the realm of rhetoric. Nothing different has happened. We have not shot at them; they have not shot at us. It is tests and name calling. And that's where we need to have better tools in this. ... That's why we need people to study public diplomacy."

This and other videos from this event—including a keynote speech delivered by Ms. Enna Park, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs—can be found here.

David Kang: Korea's Soft Power Under Threat: North Korea and the Korean Peninsula

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