E-Learning as Cultural Diplomacy

When it comes to cultural diplomacy, traditional tools include art, books, film and gastronomy. However, an article published in the Journal of Current Researches on Social Sciences looks at the possibility of international e-learning as a new form of the practice.

Authors Ece Karadoğan Doruk, Seda Mengü, Nilüfer Fatma Göksu and Emine Yavaşgel review current practices in e-learning and cultural diplomacy and offer a look at the future of the two in their article, "International E-Learning as an Emerging Cultural Diplomacy Practice."

According to the authors, "Distance learning can be used as an increasingly useful tool for culture diplomacy; building cooperation both regionally and globally, and explor[ing] avenues through which this new form of diplomacy can be used as a driving force to foster good governance, the ability to understand and embrace the different values and needs of diverse cultures and societies becomes ever more important." 

The full article is available here.



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