Engaging the Mexican LGBT Community in the U.S.

Vanessa Calva Ruiz, a member of the Mexican Foreign Service currently serving as the Liaison to the U.S. Senate at Mexico’s Embassy to the United States, has published a new article. Her piece, Connecting with the Mexican LGBT Community in the U.S., appeared Wednesday, July 15, 2015 in the International Policy Digest. The article analyzes how the Mexican consular network in the United States is engaging with the local LGBT community, looking specifically at its use of social media, partnerships and educational seminars, the latter of which emerged due to a “critical need” for “consular staff to provide better services with better understanding to combat stereotypes.” Yet while the consular network has taken important steps to raise awareness and visibility of the Mexican LGBT community in the U.S., Calva Ruiz concludes that more can be done to “promote and protect the rights of their community members.” In turn, she offers a series of recommendations to strengthen the consular network’s services.

The full article is available here.


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