Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the February Blog Roundup!

The month in public diplomacy blogs, from the "contrast principle" to Russian digital diplomacy:

5. Manipulating Audiences With the "Contrast Principle" by Stanislav Saling. Insight into a communications trick of the trade from an expert.

4. Data-Driven Diplomacy: A Practical Guide by Ali Fisher. How data scientists and public diplomats can work better together.

3. Joseph Nye’s “American Century” by Philip Seib. A review of Nye's latest book on American soft power.

2. Why the Patriots’ Super Bowl Win Is Bigger Than the U.S. by Joey Krassenstein. Could American football be the next ping pong?

1. Is Russia Ruining Digital Diplomacy for the Rest of Us? by Ilan Manor. A new way to conceptualize digital diplomacy.


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