July Blog Roundup: The Top 5

A look back at some of the top CPD blogs of July:

5) Sights from Expo Milan 2015Visual highlights from the global event in Milan.

4) Public-Private Partnership Programs with U.S.-Based Diasporas by Deborah L. Trent. On the Indian diaspora in the U.S. and its role in PPPs.

3) The U.S.-China Relationship: Holding Together Through Public Diplomacy by Jay Wang. Why public diplomacy between the two superpowers is more crucial than ever.

2) Culture Posts: U.S. & Cuban Lessons in Isolation and Engagement by R.S. Zaharna. With the reopening of US-Cuban embassies, a look at Cuban medical diplomacy.

1) The FIFA World Cup and Nation Branding Misses by Rook Campbell. A look at the pitfalls of sport diplomacy.

From top to bottom: photos by colink. [sic] via Flickr, CPD, S Pakhrin via Flickr, iStock, Day Donaldson via Flickr, and Andrew Moore via Flickr


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