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May Blog Roundup: The Top 5

Dive into summer by checking out the top five blogs of May, listed below: 

5) Public Diplomacy in the Pacific by Philip Seib. Reflections on soft power in the Pacific.

4) Battle of the Bots by Mark Dillen. How do we combat Russia's automated-bot information war?

3) The Java Project: A Case Study in Place Branding by Gadis Ranty. Why Indonesia should take advantage of a delicious export.

2) A World Indifferent to Refugees by Neha Wedaker. How Syria's refugee crisis is affecting its neighbor, Jordan.

1) Cyber Diplomacy vs. Digital Diplomacy: A Terminological Distinction by Shaun Riordan. What's the difference between cyber diplomacy and digital diplomacy?

Photos from top to bottom:

Photo by Boqiang Liao | CC by-SA 2.0Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ | Public Domain, Photo by Ariel Waldman | CC by-SA 2.0, Photo by Jos Dielis |  CC BY 2.0, Image courtesy Neha Wadekar, Photo by Bill Smith | CC BY 2.0.

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