New Journal: PD in Emerging Nations

Syracuse University Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars recently published the 2014 Exchange Journal of Public Diplomacy, “Public Diplomacy in Emerging Nations.” This issue aims to observe public diplomacy from a non-American perspective and through comparative studies sheds light on how PD is practiced in Mexico, Russia, India, Turkey, and China.

The following topics are covered in this issue:

  • India’s Digital Diaspora Diplomacy
  • “Mexican Moment” and Mexico’s International Image
  • “Russification‟ of “Soft Power”
  • Turkish Soap Opera Diplomacy
  • A case study of U.S.-China relations
  • Public Diplomacy and the “Self” in Regional Organization

Authors include Bhattiprolu Murti, R.S. Zaharna, Mexican diplomat Fernando de la Mora, Yelena Osipova, B. Senem Çevik, Liang Pan, and Daniel J. Smith

To download the journal, click here.

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