Cornucopia, by Jill111

November Blog Roundup: The Top 5

With a month full of historic events, see which blogs made it into CPD's top five.

5) The U.S. Presidential 2016: A Rude Awakening, by Yukari Easton - How a Trump electoral victory happened, and the implications.

4) Digital Rights: A New Diplomatic Agenda?, by Ilan Manor - If internet freedom is contentious under human rights, perhaps the creation of digital rights is the way forward.

3) The Presidential Transition, by Mark Dillen - How the upcoming presidential transition is a break from tradition.

2) The Public Diplomacy Challenge Ahead, by Philip Seib - What the new president-elect means for American public diplomacy.

1) NATO's Embrace of Digital Outreach, by Barbora Maronkova - The organization has come a long way in terms of digital communications strategy.

Photos, from top to bottom:

Photo by Jill111 I CC 0, Photo by Marco Verch I CC 2.0, Photo by The Backbone Campaign I CC 2.0, Photo by Sam Beet I CC 0,  Photo by Mathia Swasik I CC 2.0, Photo by Geralt I CC 0

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