Autumn Leaves, by Providence Doucet

October Blog Roundup: The Top 5

From Brexit strategy considerations to ISIS on Twitter, here are the month's top blogs:

5) Brexit: Learning From China, by Shaun Riordan - Mao could be a source of inspiration for how Theresa May intends to negotiate Brexit.

4) From Hades to A City on a Hill, by Mark Dillen - Trump may go, but the damage he's inflicted to U.S. image abroad remains.

3) Crunch the Numbers: The Case for Science Diplomacy, by Daryl Copeland - Science and technology are the key to fighting existential threats, from climate change to infectious diseases. 

2) Public Diplomacy and Trust-Building in Iraq, Part I, by Mieczyslaw Boduszynski - Despite working closely with Iraq against the Islamic State, the U.S. is still regarded with suspicion.

1) Interpreting Data About ISIS Online, by Ali Fisher - The media war against ISIS must account for how quickly the group can adapt.

Photo by Providence Doucet I CC 0

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