U.S. - Cuban Relations: Then and Now

Fidel Castro's death this past Friday, November 25, prompted a look back at relevant highlights from the CPD archive, for an overview of U.S.-Cuban public diplomacy in recent years.


Conan the Diplomat: Conan O'Brien, unofficial cultural diplomacy ambassador, visits Havana, Cuba.


Culture Posts: U.S. & Cuban Lessons in Isolation and Engagement: With the reopening of U.S.-Cuban embassies, R.S. Zaharna looks at Cuban medical diplomacy


The State, Cuban Rap, and the State of Cuban Rap: Rap, once disdained in Cuba for its American origins, is being appropriated by the state to push a pro-party line. But the state would win more by allowing artists to work freely.


The Dodgers Go to Cuba: The PD implications of a baseball goodwill mission to Cuba.


Faith Diplomacy: Francis I's Efforts in the Americas: Pope Francis I is fast becoming the leading representative of Faith Diplomacy in Cuba and around the world.


The Obama-Castro Handshake: A look at the symbolic and public diplomacy potential of this presidental handshake.



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Photo by Vandrad at the German language Wikipedia | CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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