Fourth of July

Your Favorites: July Edition

This month brought us Canada Day, Independence Day, and these CPD features. Check out six of our most popular stories for July.


6. Digital Diplomacy as a Tool for Symbolic Violence

An article in the Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies looks at the impact of Twitter on Russia-Turkey relations.



5. Can Public Diplomacy Survive the Internet?

Chris Hensman & Shawn Powers discuss how the rise of digital technology poses a threat to PD practitioners.



4. South Korean-Russian Space Cooperation: Mistrust & National Diplomatic Styles

Olga Krasnyak on how understanding different diplomatic styles is essential to creating a solid relationship.



3. Welcome to the Class of 2017 CPD Summer Institute

Participants from 11 countries and 14 organizations joined us for the 12th annual training program.



2. Would the Real Diplomacy Please Stand Up?

Katharina Höne challenges Shaun Riordan's recent cautionary blog on the threat of "new diplomacies."



1. Out Now: 2017 Soft Power 30

The latest annual index and report is a joint effort from Portland Communications and CPD. Is your country on the list?


Photos (from top to bottom): Photo by Pixabay I CC0, Photo via the President of Russia I CC BY 4.0 (Image was cropped), Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro I CC0Photo via the President of Russia I CC BY 4.0 (Image was cropped), Photo by CPD, Image created via, Photo by Pixabay CC0

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