Your Favorites: September Edition

Start your October off strong by reading some of our most popular features for the month of September:


6. Tit for Tat: Diplomatic Expulsions and Closures 

Olga Krasnyak delves into embassy tensions and public response, per the recent strife between Russian and U.S. diplomatic residences.



5. CPD Awards 2017-2018 Doctoral Dissertation Grants

Romi Jain and Mariana de Heredia are the latest recipients of this award.



4. Soft Power and Public Diplomacy in Latin America: A View from Argentina

A look at how Argentina has adapted to the 21st century under the Macri administration.  



3. What Is a Diplomat?

Shaun Riordan revisits his earlier blog post and seeks to quantify what qualifies as diplomatic behavior.



2. Public Diplomacy After the Social Media Revolution

Golin Chair Fred Cook moderated a discussion with Ambassador Mike Hammer on how the accelerated information environment impacts national security decision making.



1. Winner of 2017 Best Student Paper Prize Announced

Madison Jones (MPD '18) is the recipient of this year's prestigious prize.


Photos (from top to bottom): Photo by Rhubein2211 I CC0, Photo by Ninara I CC BY 2.0Photo by CPD, Photo by Güldem Üstün I CC BY 2.0Photo by Krokodyl I CC BY 3.0, Photo by Fancycrave CC0, Image courtesy of Madison Jones

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