July 4th Uncle Sam, by Crea8t

America is not as polarized as we fear.

India’s Festival of Lights — is celebrated by Hindus worldwide, and often by Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, too. The holiday is increasingly popular in the United States, where the traditional diya (clay lamp) symbolizing the triumph of good over evil is seen from coast to coast.

For many Americans, Asian food used to mean chop suey, chow mein or other Chinese-style dishes. No longer. Today, Americans have restaurants and grocery stores that feature Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indian, Burmese and other Asian cuisines.

Overseas, U.S. prestige appeared to be a thing of the past. Policymakers and diplomats, hoping to “fix” this problem, used several ways to do so, including turning to public diplomacy (PD), a little-known, among the American public, foreign policy instrument, implemented by the United States Information Agency, established by President Eisenhower (in 1953), at the height of the Cold War, in order to counteract Soviet propaganda.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on her speech said, “ I am very proud of all these youth who are coming from 41 different countries in Asia, Pacific, Europe, and America.” She also stated that the Indonesian government is always used Cultural diplomacy or soft power diplomacy to bridge the differences. This program is aimed at strengthening the friendship and diplomatic relations through art and culture.

Art fans in Ho Chi Minh City should be pleased as four art exhibitions are taking place there, featuring artistic pieces of vivid hues and shades that convey different messages. Of these, 17 artists are showcasing 80 artworks in an art exhibition lasting between Saturday and June 12 at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts in District 1.

ometimes immigrant chefs can’t obtain favorite ingredients in their new home so they look for substitutes. Or they discover in America new types of food and improvise. Often their creations introduce other Americans to their native cuisines. And sometimes chefs adapt their favorites to appeal to the tastes of their new countrymen.