American Culture

Mel Levine, Rockwell Schnabel and Jay Wang champion the importance of American public diplomacy today.

The program, which began in 2011 and is funded by a State Department grant, brings groups of international coaches, sports administrators and mostly teenage athletes to the public university's campus in Fairfax County, Virginia. [...] Participants gain a deeper understanding of inclusion and diversity in athletics, organizers say, at the same time that they get a glimpse of American culture — specifically, American sports culture.

Part of the exchange program Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) Greenheart, some 25 international students from France and Spain spend the month of July with host families in the City of Oneida. Coordinated through the Oneida City School District, 2016 marks the sixth year OHS has opened its doors to international students seeking to improve their English skills and learn more about American culture.

India Day will showcase academic achievements by Indian students, professors and those studying the country. Just four days after Republic Day, the second half of the event will commemorate the 67th anniversary of the new constitution. [...] during India Day, cultural performances by Bal Sabha Group will be showcased. The organization also plans to honor both Indian and American culture by playing the respective national anthems.