art diplomacy

Wei Cheng Zong, who specialises in traditional water paintings of landscapes, said: “India is a religious country. It is the birthplace of Buddhism. We want to share our culture with India through this exhibition.” His paintings depict nature in its hierarchy, step-by-step, the lower and higher mountains come into view. Like many artists who joined the bandwagon of cultural exchange, he is inspired by Buddhist meditation.

Fear not the threat of any walls going up between the U.S and Mexico. Jorge Marin’s bronze wings offer a way to soar above the things that would divide the two countries. It’s a metaphorical rise, of course. Though standing in front of his identical Wings of the City sculptures in Mexico City and Denver, you get the feeling that optimism and fantasy — and a love of selfies — are unstoppable forces uniting the two countries.

GBD (global commercial district) Center for Public Diplomacy and Culture Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Center), a Chinese non-governmental public diplomacy organization in Beijing, has agreed on principle of cooperation for bilateral cultural exchange with Cuban Ministry of Culture. As a result, a program where Cuban art group pays a visit to Beijing and Chinese art group to Havana to perform, will soon be promoted.

An outdoor exhibition of installation art, featuring art in containers, will start its world tour in July in Shandong province's Qingdao. It'll then travel to other cities in China and later head for France.

Headlines about art diplomacy are on display in this PD News roundup. 

At its core, the exhibit offered a window into how Arab cultures create identity using social codes and physical structures, while also highlighting how people and artists must take care to change their behavior in certain regimented contexts. "Art is a part of Iranian culture, and in the process of researching this show..."

Art fans in Ho Chi Minh City should be pleased as four art exhibitions are taking place there, featuring artistic pieces of vivid hues and shades that convey different messages. Of these, 17 artists are showcasing 80 artworks in an art exhibition lasting between Saturday and June 12 at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts in District 1.

Arnaud, who also long has been involved with the Alliance Francaise de Charleston, said putting this mural at the airport links French history and culture with that of Charleston. “It’s a good thing happening for history, tourism and diplomacy,” she said.