Without much fanfare, Malaysia assumed the chairmanship of Asean at the recent summit of the regional grouping in Myanmar. From this vantage point, there is much the country can do in moving the larger aims of the new Asean.

Japan's top foreign aid official looks back on six decades of official development assistance and airs his vision for "cooperation with a face" and the kind of ODA that will be remembered for years to come.

The fact that President Jokowi chose a career diplomat was no surprise. But eyebrows were raised when Retno LP Marsudi’s name topped the shortlist of candidates in the week prior to the Cabinet announcement.

Malaysia will lead ASEAN as it sits on the so-called top table of the world, the powerful UN Security Council

Jakarta needs a strategy that attracts greater ties with countries of the Middle East.

China and Southeast Asia are more intertwined than ever. Trade between these two regions is booming, and Chinese investors are pouring into Southeast Asia. China is fully involved in most regional security meetings organised by Asean. This era of Sino-Southeast Asian relations should therefore be a golden age bringing mutual peace and prosperity for all concerned.

China and at least two Asean members–the Philippines and Vietnam–remain locked in territorial disputes over the South China Sea.  Beijing seeks to allay fears in Asean as it strengthens its economic and military clout in the region. One way to do this, an official said, is for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to engage in what it calls “e-public diplomacy.”

CPD discussed ASEAN's impact on California featuring U.S. Ambassadors to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.