Aylan Sand Sculpture

Di Wu explains how a photograph moved people to move their governments. 

In a speech delivered at the reception he hosted late on Sept. 10, British Ambassador Richard Moore emphasized his belief in the value of educational and cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and Turkey in helping create the conditions for success in business and diplomacy, and the important role of the British Council over the past 75 years in building trust and understanding between the two countries. 

BAE Systems , the global defense, security and aerospace company, has shown its commitment to advancing higher education with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the British Embassy in Oman to sponsor The Chevening/ BAE Systems Oman.

Big meals, to be sure, are an indispensable tool of diplomacy. People who have come a long way need to be welcomed and put at ease by their hosts. They are more relaxed and friendly with good food and drink inside them. They feel under a greater obligation to be polite and cooperative. But the EU is not a club of ambassadors, or even of politicians. It is, whether we like it or not, a form of government, a bloated version of a country. It has a commission, a court of justice, a parliament, a legal personality, a passport and a foreign service.

PD News takes a look at what China, the UK, India and the U.S. have been up to this week.

It wasn’t the kind of policy statement that would restore Britain to a central role in geopolitical crises. But the announcement that caught my attention in recent days was a smart deployment of soft power, of which the UK has plenty to offer. John Whittingdale, the culture secretary, claimed for Britain a pivotal role in the fight against cultural destruction, which he described as an affront to common human values.

International aid groups and governments have escalated efforts to dispatch rescuers and supplies to earthquake-hit Nepal, but severed communications and landslides in the Himalayan nation posed formidable challenges to the relief effort.