citizen diplomacy

Sister Cities International Chairman & San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg shares views on how cities are adapting, forging new connections and joining the evolving playing field of international relations and diplomacy.

Kadir Jun Ayhan defines people-to-people diplomacy and outlines a typology in which to classify these interactions.

February 20, 2020

Increasingly more Japanese women study and work abroad, writes Korea University Ph.D. student Felicia Istad. What are the implications for public diplomacy? 

An inside look into the phenomenon of citizen diplomacy in EU-China relations.

Digital diplomacy can open the doors for dialogue with foreign publics. But what can be done to make it truly effective?

This Week in PD, we share news on cultural diplomacy, exchange diplomacy, global development and more.

This Week in PD, we share news on digital diplomacy, soft power, humanitarian aid and more.