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Naomi Leight, Assistant Director for Research & Publications at CPD, will participate in a roundtable discussion at the U.S. Summit & Initiative for Global Citizen Diplomacy held on Nov. 18 at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

The International Voluntary Service Task Force will look at innovative volunteering projects based in the U.S and abroad with a view to not only increase the number of Americans participating in international service but also the effectiveness of the volunteers through services of non-profit organizations, religious institutions, and professional associations abroad.

Conveying information and selling a positive image is often best accomplished by private citizens; today, the soft sell may prove more effective than the hard sell. The main strength of the government broadcasting and mass media approach to public diplomacy is its audience reach and ability to generate public awareness and set the agenda

Kids to Kids has more than 650 members across the U.S. who are raising money and awareness in their schools and neighborhoods about kids living in underserved communities around the world. Through their efforts, Kids to Kids has funded more than 300 projects in eight countries impacting more than 30,000 kids.

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Sometimes effective public diplomacy can be conducted through a simple and unambiguous gesture. Such was the case when President Barack Obama recently commemorated the 50th anniversaries of 17 African nations’ independence at the White House.

Posing the question, "If you had the opportunity to speak to world leaders, what would you say?" the United Nations is holding a video contest to encourage world citizens to voice their opinions to world leaders and weigh in on decisions made by members of the United Nations and become a 2010 Citizen Ambassador.

It's been important for me … to do these shows because it shows the world that the people of the Middle East are global citizens and appreciate laughter just like anyone else," [comedian Maz] Jobrani says afterward. "It helps bring the East and West closer with laughter. Kind of a comedic diplomacy.