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Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn urged the Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Council (ETTC) to utilize resources of the country and make the nation one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

For centuries, opera has been a tool of power, a spectacle developed and organized by influential Western nations and the elites within them. Using opera to understand the connections between cultures and to experiment with what can bridge them is no longer merely an aesthetic possibility; it’s a moral necessity.

Biriyani is the quintessential celebratory dish in India and an aromatic delicacy that dazzles as a sublime one-dish mea....How easily we forget that Iran is next door to this land-locked nation and Persian language isn't the only element in the shared inheritance.

Lai Mohammed, the minister of information, culture and tourism disclosed this at the opening ceremony of the national summit on culture and tourism in Abuja on Thursday, April 27. The minister described Nigeria’s cultural heritage as a “soft power that can confidently take over the world” adding that it could also promote international diplomacy. 

Headlines explored the cultural highs and lows of fashion on the global stage. 

Mark Zuckerberg Wishes Happy Lunar New Year in Chinese

The Facebook founder shows off his language diplomacy skills in a special Mandarin Chinese Lunar New Year greeting.

Headlines this week in PD News showcased the convening power of cultural diplomacy. 

Similarities Between Spanish And Arabic

This new video from USC Annenberg Media explores the similarities between the Arabic and Spanish languages, and reveals how language diplomacy can connect two seemingly diverse cultural communities in conversation.