Digital Diplomacy & New Technology

In the case of shared history, there is no way to suggest an appropriate narrative of any historical event that would be satisfactory for all counterparts. Digital rewriting, reevaluation, or reassertion of history is inevitability problematic. The only way to eliminate such conflicts and disconnect raised on social media is to emphasize “shared understanding and mutual openness.”

    Mother Motherland Statue

    Olga Krasnyak discusses how disputes over historical memory in Russia and the Baltic States have played out on social media.

    Language Learning with Emojis World Emoji Day

    Four alumni of the State Department's NSLI-Y program use the popular messaging icons to explain a few words in Mandarin.

    Computing Language

    Chris Hensman & Shawn Powers discuss how the rise of digital technology poses a threat to PD practitioners.

    Oxfam Ambassador Kristin Davis Visits Dadaab Refugee Camp

    A look at how non-state actors like celebrities influence foreign policy and global politics.

    Limbo: A virtual experience of waiting for asylum - Guardian VR - 360 video

    A new method of digital storytelling uses virtual reality to bring attention to the struggles of asylum seekers waiting for an answer.

    Diplomacy Wordle

    Katharina Höne challenges Shaun Riordan's recent blog about the threat of "new diplomacies".

    An article in the Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies looks at the impact of Twitter on Russia-Turkey relations.