economic diplomacy

Brand SA and Brand Finance will tomorrow announce the country’s top 50 commercial brands.  Why does this announcement matter to our overall nation brand, competitiveness and reputation?  These brands contribute to strong and positive associations of SA across the globe.

With Narendra Modi saddled in the Prime Minister’s Office strongly and effectively, the nation is moving towards evolving and utilising its status as a soft power.  India’s achievements in areas like films, education and broadcasting are expected to help enable this quest of the Modi government. 

China’s main goals in South America are economic, but it also hopes to win public and political support.  Thus, an economic push by China is also a soft power push, as Beijing uses its funding (both public and private) to win goodwill in developing countries.

July 14, 2014

The current UNO publication, Numero 17, La Nueva Diplomacia, features articles focusing on new diplomacy and international relations, and includes a piece by CPD Director, Jay Wang titled Nation Branding Revisited. Other articles cover topics ranging from Soft Power and Digital Diplomacy to Economic Diplomacy and the role of non-state actors in diplomatic relations.

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Italy Sheikh Ali Khaled Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has held talks with Mayor of the Italian City of Palermo Leoluca Orlando over means to bolster bilateral ties, particularly in the economic and cultural domains.

The absence of a federal ministry of education and the largely circumscribed role of the federal government in education in both the United States and Canada result in international education policy falling between the cracks of federal (foreign-international affairs) and state-provincial (higher education) responsibility. The two jurisdictions thus provide an interesting comparative context to examine factors shaping the federal role in international education and consequently its influence on higher education.

After prolonged engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US has finally made a move to renew its commitment towards Asia, which has always been an arena of US strategic and economic interest. The Asian rebalancing strategy highlights the current power shift in the international order from the west to the east. The economic engagement between the US and the Pacific nations is one the major pillars of the rebalancing strategy as the US identifies ‘economic statecraft’ as a major plank of its ‘Pivot to Asia’.

As Secretary of State John Kerry has pointed out, “Now more than ever, economic policy is foreign policy.” Rivkin’s appointment to lead the Economic and Business Affairs bureau comes after a long, entrepreneurial career in the entertainment industry, making him the first non-career bilateral ambassador to hold the position.