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President Tsai Ing-wen arrived Jan 12. in El Salvador on the final leg of her nine-day tour of four Republic of China (Taiwan) Central American diplomatic allies [...] According to Tsai, her visit is made in the spirit of mutual assistance, and she anticipates Taiwan and El Salvador jointly developing more plans and projects en route to expanding cultural, economic and people-to-people exchanges.

A popular Taiwanese television drama, "The Way We Were (16 個夏天)," will be broadcast in Spanish in El Salvador, starting on Dec. 4, according to Taiwan's embassy in the Central American country. Airing the series abroad is part of the government's efforts to promote Taiwan's TV industry and introduce Taiwanese culture and people to foreign allies, said Florencia Hsieh (謝妙宏) while unveiling the series in San Salvador on Nov. 24.

Of course, the image of a Marxist guerrilla is tied with the idea of camouflage and rifles, so we were trying to pitch the image that we could also dress in suits, speak in a moderate voice, and speak fluently in English. That simple thing changed many misconceptions about the FMLN. 

Guerrilla fighters playing soccer in El Salvador, late 1980s

Ricardo J. Valencia speaks with an unusual Ambassador.

Communication scholars Vanessa Bravo and María De Moya have published a new article that analyzes the relationship between the governments of El Salvador and Colombia and their diaspora communities. 

For the first time, a Taiwanese TV drama will be aired in the Latin American region in an effort to promote bilateral exchanges in the field of pop culture, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Saturday.

Criminal agendas could represent a critical "blind spot" in attempts to resolve armed conflicts in Latin America, capable of sabotaging negotiations and derailing entire peace processes. Taking these agendas into account in two ongoing peace processes in Latin America could now be the difference between sustainable peace and continued turmoil.