Information warfare and fake news? Washington-funded media outlets like Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America have long run what the Kremlin sees as an anti-Putin propaganda campaign aimed at supporting the Russian opposition.

While American forces in Somalia are fighting the militant group al-Shabab with air attacks, security experts think a political solution should be the way forward. That includes the upcoming presidential election.

Donald Trump, by Matt Johnson

Trump is nothing new if you've been following European politics.

February 15, 2016

When American voters cast their ballots for President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904 they probably didn’t expect that his daughter Alice, already known for her rebellious larks, would turn out to lay groundwork for diplomacy that would end the Russo-Japanese War.

Ugandan women’s rights groups are setting up a control centre to monitor any violence against women in the East African nation’s elections this month and to act quickly on any reports. The move comes after the United States voiced concern that the electoral environment in Uganda was deteriorating in the run-up to the Feb. 18 elections

The U.S. presidential race isn't only drawing attention and controversy in the United States -- it's being closely watched across the globe. But what does the rest of the world think about a campaign that has already thrown up one surprise after another? 

With immigration and reproductive rights as hot-button issues in upcoming U.S. elections, it’s worth considering how China’s one-child policy — recently expanded to a two-child limit — has affected its largest trading partner.