In recent years, diplomatic circles have been relying on the term “engagement” to describe various communication and public diplomacy activities with foreign publics. The term is used almost universally in government, the military, academia, corporations and think tanks to describe a range of practices designed to influence or persuade foreign audiences.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter, poking fun at her own image and keeping political classes guessing about her future.

Online games featuring Chinese culture have become an important force for cultural exchange and cooperation as it spread through global markets, head of a leading Chinese online game maker told Xinhua. "We insist on creating game products of pure national originality, and take the online game industry as a new cultural carrier and a new cultural communication, " said Perfect World CEO Xiao Hong, who was attending a conference of Chinese and Mexican entrepreneurs here.

The public diplomacy and Diaspora affairs and the religious services portfolios have the greatest potential to shape the relationship between Israel and her Diaspora. Both of these jobs were demanded by Bennett, head of the Habayit Hayehudi party, home of the national religious the settlers.

In late April, Csapó-Sweet, of St. Louis, was honored by the four-campus University of Missouri System with the UM President’s Award for Cross-Cultural Engagement. The award recognizes her efforts to build cultural and educational exchange projects with Eastern European universities.

American embassies across the globe have taken to Twitter over the last year or two, an impressive soft power outreach to citizens of foreign countries, but the Cairo feed has stood out. Other feeds, even when they tweet frequently, tend to take the staid tone of official diplomacy, tweeting press releases, quotes from U.S. officials, and relevant headlines.