June 10, 2010

Now it is India’s turn to complain that Obama is too much the Pacific president and not enough the Indian Ocean president. Whereas the Indian government is not officially complaining, what might be called the Indian foreign policy establishment of business leaders, strategic thinkers, journalists and former diplomats are.

"We now see a huge number of possibilities from South-South trade and a lot of our effort is being deployed there," [Trade and Industry Minister Rob] Davies told a news conference. The weakness of the euro and the European economy in general was encouraging this process, he said.

The EU's refusal to accept Turkey as a member swiftly has partly caused Ankara's foreign policy shift and the deterioration in its relations with Israel, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

Participants will assess implementation of the goals set by the UN for its Water For Life Decade (2005-2015)...Addressing the conference, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon proposed designating 2012 the Year of Water Diplomacy...

A tiny spat over a sliver of sea that has been a major irritant between Slovenia and Croatia since the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991 now looks set to be arbitrated by international jurists, unblocking Croatia’s stalled bid to join the European Union.

The EU and Russia aim to make progress with visa exemption negotiations and sign a new framework agreement at the summit with is being held this Monday and Tuesday in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, the first such summit since the Treaty of Lisbon came into effect.

May 26, 2010

The real purpose of burqa bans is to assert European cultural identity -- secular, liberal and individualistic -- at the expense of a visible, traditional religious minority. A nation such as France, proudly relativistic on most issues, is convinced of its cultural superiority when it comes to sexual freedom.

People in both Israel and Azerbaijan are far from understanding how our peoples live - they are unaware of the culture, political views and history of our countries. And this is despite the fact that large numbers of immigrants arrived in Israel from Azerbaijan. In this situation, the mutual exchange of delegations, media workers and promoters of culture, of course, can play an important role in improving relations between our peoples.