A CPD paper reflects on and refines current practices in digital advocacy campaigns. 

The Good Country Animation

April 7, 2016

This animated video delves into the interconnected realities of globalization - both its successes and its failings - to highlight why transnational collaboration and dialogue matter on the world stage. 

Measuring the impact of digital diplomacy using quantitative metrics (number of followers, retweets, shares, likes...) has become a general practice among Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFAs) […] the MFAs’ digital communication campaigns are presumed not to merely “preach to the choir” of sympathetic followers, but to actually reach constituencies outside the self-reinforcing “bubble” of like-minded followers.

CPD launched it short-term training program, CPD Mini-Course in Public Diplomacy, in May 2015. The module, "Effective Public Diplomacy: Evaluation and Impact" provides participants with a working knowledge of research and analytical tools needed to develop and implement successful public diplomacy programs.

Training takes place in the USC D.C. Office (701 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.) over three days and attendees will:

My Instagram Network, Visualized

Gauge the impact of online efforts.

Let's Get DiploDigital

CPD shared experiences of Digital Diplomacy with foreign ministries of Italy, UK, EU and Canada.

Much attention has recently been directed to the measurement of media impact. In public diplomacy, the need to assess impact is readily apparent. Public diplomacy is a persuasive activity. Stakeholders want to know if the effort was able to “move the needle.” 

I am Diplomacy - Global Ties U.S. National Meeting

CPD partnered with Global Ties U.S. to offer a special workshop