The Turkish Cinema Summer School brings together young filmmakers to learn about Turkish cinema, history and culture.

"Cultural barometers" that analyze the representation of non-privileged groups in media can serve as tools for communicating with foreign audiences about inequality and violence. 

Colin Maclay talked with Nicholas Cull about the media importance of the film.

A podcast delves into the rise of Chinese cinema and its dual aim at home and abroad.

MarkLives #AdoftheWeek: Brand SA's InspiredByMyConstitution with Imraan Christian • Odd Number

Brand South Africa's #InspiredByMyConstitution campaign reframes the country's challenges in a positive light. 

Human Flow Official Trailer [HD] | Amazon Studios

Directed by Ai Weiwei, a new documentary captures the breadth of the ongoing global migration crisis.

Stories explored television broadcasts and film festivals to strengthen international relationships.