Kenya has recently enhanced its "soft power hegemony" through its economic diplomacy, defined as the strategic use of wide-ranging economic tools and opportunities available to the state to achieve its national interest. Since 2013, Kenya has projected its soft power through economic diplomacy, in turn, transforming the country into 'a global soft power'.

Sino-Indian relations saw an upswing when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India in 2014, and India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, returned the visit in 2015. Both leaders agreed to focus on improving bilateral relations through commerce and trade. China agreed to partner with India in accelerating its economic development by investing in various infrastructural projects and also setting up manufacturing facilities in India.

Indeed, the Olympic Torch may represent ‘peace, unity and friendship’ but the Games have always been about more than sportsmanship. The objective is to carry out sports diplomacy; however, the result is often dictated by power politics. This year, for instance, the participation of the first ever team of displaced athletes named ‘Team Refugees’ brings to light the instability of political regimes around the world.

Are Russian universities non-state actors or government proxies for propaganda? 

 The internet builds on and enlarges networks, sometimes transforming them into webs of knowledge. This ultimately brings power to civil society, which gains leverage over the political decision-making process, and at times this even translates into how governments decide to shape their international alliances. Thus through cyberspace, foreign policy is becoming more accessible to the individual. 

June 14, 2016

Geographical complexities with Tibet and political complexities with India are the major factors affecting Nepal’s ‘transit diplomacy’ through which it hopes to attain prosperity. Besides the geography hypothesis and the culture hypothesis, inclusive economic institutions at home are essential for not just generating prosperity but also for simplifying geopolitical complexities.


May 6, 2016

China understands Indian sensitivity in Nepal and counsels Kathmandu "to be friendly with India without being hostile to China". As a country that has enduring strategic importance to its neighbors, the real test of Nepal's foreign policy is to maintain balanced diplomacy with full recognition of ground realities...

Over the past three decades, real estate has gained a new significance on the world stage, as many states have relaxed laws to open up national property markets to international buyers. This has not only intensified international business activities: it's also offered states a new way of pursuing their global political ambitions.