global health diplomacy

The basics of the campaign are to empower the conference attendees to take action, especially in developing countries, and mobilize global citizens to secure safe air all parts of the world. The end goal of the campaign is to establish clean air as a basic human right and to implement it within the international pantheon of essential public health services akin to clean water, vaccinations, family planning and primary care.

A TB patient at a sanatorium in Romania

How one group is leveraging the power of civil society for public health.

On International Migrants Day 2014 (December 18), Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) William Lacy Swing wrote in a New York Times op-ed that 2014 was “the deadliest year for migrants on record” characterized by “unprecedented anti-migrant sentiment worldwide.” 

A migrant family

CPD Research Fellow Tara Ornstein on changing the public perception of migrants.

A cast of UK artists and celebrities gathered, with the guidance of Sir Bob Geldof, in a song aimed at raising money to aid in the Ebola crisis, the Daily Mail reported.

Amid the worst Ebola outbreak of our time, it has been the small island nation of Cuba that has provided arguably the most impressive policy response. Cuba's government has a long history of providing universal healthcare as a human right, a belief that was enshrined in the 1976 constitution.