Both gifted with a long history and rich culture, China and Greece should increase exchanges, learn from each other and boost win-win cooperation, Xi said during the meeting with Samaras. Xi said China and Greece should enhance their comprehensive strategic partnership to benefit the people of the two countries and promote peace and development of the world as a whole.

Repower Greece organized an academic US tour to spark a discussion across North America on rebuilding Greece and changing the world’s negative perceptions of its people. Below are the findings of the discussions as they were presented by Alexandros Costopoulos, one of the initiative’s organizers.

March 4, 2013

The “earthquake diplomacy” that sprang out of the ruins of the Istanbul and Athens earthquakes in 1999 was perfect proof for the effectiveness of public diplomacy... Since then, Greece and Turkey have enjoyed the longest period of peace in their history, having developed multiple channels of communication outside the continuing political dystopia.

Though Greek culture is famous for its sociability and its nightlife, the country’s economic crisis is making people spend a little more time at home with their TVs. And with Greek TV channels looking for cheaper content, the airwaves are now filled with imported Turkish soap operas, says Asli Tunç, head of the Media School at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Greeks have been enthralled by Turkish TV series "The Magnificent Century" in recent months. The series is comprised of historical recreations of 16th-century Sultan Suleiman's life and slick soap opera-like tales of intrigue and family drama... Greek nationalists view the series as being a Turkish invasion of sorts, while others see opportunities for beneficial cultural exchange.

Greek TV channels realised that buying the glitzy tales of forbidden love... from long-standing regional rival Turkey, was cheaper than filming their own..."Greeks feel closer to Turks than they did," he told Reuters. "Sometimes soft power is more important than political power."

Brand strategist Peter Economides knows about taking brands at their lowest ebb and turning them into world-beaters. He was part of the team that helped create Apple’s “Think Different” campaign in 1997. ....Economides believes that Greece is at the point where an inspired and properly managed rebranding campaign could turn it into the “Apple of the Mediterranean.”

Many Europeans realize that their futures are being increasingly dictated by Germany and France...There is grumbling across the continent and an anti-German tone to street protests in Greece..."This crisis is profoundly transforming European integration"