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July 17, 2015

Headlines this week in PD News followed the historic nuclear negotiations between Iran and global powers and the role public diplomacy will play in normalizing relations.  

This article explores the public diplomacy and participant benefits afforded by Asialink, an Australian cultural diplomacy program aimed at strengthening international relations with Asia. 

Iraq celebrated on Wednesday the return of hundreds of historical artefacts, from an ancient Assyrian statue to a 20th century presidential tea set, which were looted, lost or loaned abroad over recent decades to universities and auction houses in the United States, Italy and Jordan. 

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M University Commerce, Marketing and Communications via Flickr Creative Commons

From student exchanges to standing up to Trump, citizen diplomacy featured prominently.

Hundreds of suitcases fill the parking lot outside Elmhurst College  as 500 international students board buses to the airport to go back home.

“It’s sad. I feel horrible. It hasn’t hit me hit that I’ll be home tomorrow,” said 18-year-old Gustavo Lopez from Brazil.

Lopez spent the last year living with a host family in Skokie and attended Niles West High School .

“I hope I remember how to speak Portuguese when I get home. This has been the best year of my life. I feel like a totally different person. I’m so glad I did this,” Lopez said.

Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao has organised a first-of- its kind, short-term cultural and academic programme of two weeks. At present the college has affiliations with these four institutions namely Stockholm, Sweeden, Waseda University of Tokyo and Kelaniya University in Sri Lanka.

The June edition of Bruce Gregory's public diplomacy reading list is now available. Known affectionately at CPD as "Bruce's List," this list is a compilation of books, journal articles, papers and blogs on a wide variety of PD topics, and features a number of CPD scholars. Highlights from this list include:

Corn dogs, gravy, s'mores and squirrels — just a few of things that most Americans don't give a second thought to, but things that are brand new to some people visiting from another country.