Amid the political volatility and ideological chaos, one country that has stood out as a beacon of of peace, stability and modernity is the low-profile nation of Morocco, wedged at the crosscurrents of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

This new article by Natalia Grinchev assess the impact that museums can have on public diplomacy programming, social change and even organizational leadership. 

Shia women protest the Sunni dictatorship in Bahrain

Javad Rad says the U.S. is "betting on the wrong horse" in the Middle East.

Praying in Indonesia

More from the MPD Indonesia delegation, this time on faith diplomacy.

The chairman of the country's leading think-tank, Jiro Hanyu from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, believes that this negative trend is temporary, and underlined that they are trying to do everything in their power to increase mutual understanding between the Japanese and Muslim communities.

The MPD delegation in Indonesia

The first in a series of blog posts from the MPD delegation in Indonesia.

Paul Nirens believes food can serve a larger purpose than only satisfying appetites. His Galileat venture aims to bring together the parts of Israeli society that normally don't mix.