McHale calls the Marshall Plan "the greatest example in our nation's history of Public Diplomacy done right." Food was what got the Marshall Plan started, in the form of an interim aid program in 1947-1948, and this is where public diplomacy came in.

Over 10 days in February, the island of Lampedusa saw its biggest arrival of undocumented immigrants from nearby North Africa. Six thousand young Tunisian men and a handful of women, packed into fishing boats with as many as 200 aboard, made the perilous journey across 70 miles of open ocean to the southernmost Italian outpost.

The European Union failed to agree on a statement against the persecution of religious minorities on Monday after Italy objected to the omission of any reference to the protection of Christians.

In early March, celebrations dedicated to the Russian Maslenitsa Festival, or the Pancake Week, will be held in the city of Rome as part of the Russia-Italy cross-cultural exchange year. The traditional farewell-to-winter carnival will take place under the auspices of the governments of St. Petersburg and Rome.

With funding from international organizations, a dairy farm in Tubas in the West Bank produces gourmet Italian cheeses with a little Palestinian spice.

Tourism Minister, Slim Tlatli Minister received on Friday the board members of the Italian Travel Agencies Federation (FIAVET)...The minister gave an overview on Tunisian tourism and prospects for developing it.

The Satyajit Ray classic “Aranyer Din Ratri” will be this year’s highlight at River to River, Italy’s only festival of Indian cinema that is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Four films by India’s master filmmaker...will be screened in the retrospective section at the weeklong festival that opens in Florence Dec 3.

A Sino-Italian coproduction of Luigi Pirandello's drama "Six Characters in Search of an Author" was performed here from Thursday to Sunday, paving the way for a reinforced partnership with a view to the Milan Expo 2015.