The bento-bako, or Japanese lunch box, is enjoying great popularity overseas, with many retailers abroad even marketing the product under its Japanese name.

The US military is using manga-style comic books to promote to Japanese children its view on the importance of Washington and Tokyo's half-century security alliance...The United States is publishing the Japanese-language comic as both nations mark the 50th anniversary of their security treaty, and two days before the 65th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

July 29, 2010

"Once one starts listing the examples of Japanese culture infiltrating the United States, it's pretty hard to stop," wrote Entrepreneur.com's Laura Tiffany in 2008... Of the ten bestselling graphic novels in US bookstores in November that year, six were Japanese...

Every year for the past two decades, legions of young Americans have descended upon Japan to teach English. This government-sponsored charm offensive was launched to counter anti-Japan sentiment in the United States and has since grown into one of the country's most successful displays of soft power.

We arrived yesterday, and the city seems very, very peaceful," said Japanese delegate Yoshiki Oi, who attends the University of Tokyo. "We are going to big cities, but this allows us to have a good perspective of America. If all we saw were the big cities, we would not learn about all of America.

The Ayala Center Cebu Cinema will be hosting Eigasai 2010, a Japanese Contemporary Film Festival from Aug. 3 to 8. “This event is a very good chance for cultural exchange. We are privileged to watch other nations' cultures particularly Japan’s in relation to filmmaking,” said regular film festival movie viewer Prof. Ligaya Rabago...

Tetsuya Watanabe, the official in charge of the Cool Japan section at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, could not hide his shock at the strides being made by South Korea.

Japan has indicated it wants to exit from the system of aiding poor countries. The move comes at a time of weakening US economy, and China’s drive to enlarge its role in the arena of aid politics in both Africa and Asia.