One of the best mine actors from Japan Iimuro Naoki will give solo performances in Hue Festival 2010 and in Hanoi for the first time...According to the organiser, which is the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, the show is hoped to entertain not only adults but also children with its universal body language, which is sublimed in the art of silence.

There is concern in Washington over the future of the Japan-U.S. alliance at a time when the two countries should be working close together on a broad range of international issues, including North Korea and Iran, U.S. foreign policy experts said at a recent symposium in Tokyo.

American journalist Douglas McGray's 2002 Foreign Policy essay "Gross National Cool" crystallized for many not only evidence that contemporary Japan had become hip and attractive, but also a nifty phrase to go with it. But that was eight years ago. And like most bits of journalistic shorthand, the phrase "cool Japan" is as convenient as it is vague...

Japan's prime minister visited Okinawa and delivered an unpopular message Tuesday: it will be challenging to move a U.S. base off the island. Okinawans say the U.S. military has been responsible for a number of blights in the city, from serious crimes like rape and drunken driving, to environmental and noise pollution.

We all know Japan and the United States share close cultural ties. What I had not realized as a young American academic taking up my first job in Britain in 1996 teaching Japanese art history at the University of East Anglia is that Japanese-British cultural relations are in fact much deeper.

A delegation of dignitaries from Shinagawa, Japan, will arrive in Portland today for a five-day celebration of a sister city relationship that began more than 25 years ago. Although Portland has three other sister cities -- Cap Haitien, Haiti; Mytilene, Greece; and Archangel, Russia -- Shinagawa was Portland's first.

April 18, 2010

"Welcome to Seoul Namsan Gugakdang, where classical music is lively breathing." So reads the greeting on the Web site of one of three South Korean concert halls where the Philadelphia Orchestra will perform during its Far East tour.

More than 20 years have passed since the Berlin Wall fell, yet Japan remains shut out from the rest of humanity by its own wall. Though it is a shapeless partition that we cannot touch, it nevertheless cuts off the country from the world beyond its shores.