Militants have unleashed a hi-tech social media jihad to radicalise and recruit educated youth for terror activities in the strife torn Jammu and Kashmir.  A highly confidential letter of Jammu and Kashmir police accessed by dna reveals that militant and fundamentalist elements are recruiting and radicalizing the youth thorough different means including the social media.

Mohammad Amin Pandith, a smallholder and father-of-three from Indian-controlled Kashmir, was lured from his home at night by a man in army uniform, dragged along a potholed lane and shot in the back of the head.

After a tumultuous year, top Indian and Pakistani military officials held a rare meeting to round out 2013. The Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMOs) of both India and Pakistan met on the Pakistani side of the Wagah border – the first such meeting in 14 years, since the end of the Kargil War – to “discuss ways to ensure peace along Kashmir’s de facto border."

Pakistani and Indian military commanders are due to meet for their highest level talks on Kashmir in more than 10 years. They say their goal is to strengthen the ceasefire agreement signed in 2003, which has been repeatedly violated along the unofficial border. Al Jazeera's Faiz Jamil reports from the Indian city of Srinigar.

The prime ministers of India and Pakistan agreed Sunday to restore cross-border calm after a spate of shootings threatened a decade-long ceasefire in the disputed Kashmir region. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif for more than an hour on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, to discuss a series of fatal clashes on their de facto Himalayan border.

Indian troops stepped up security in disputed Kashmir's main city of Srinagar on Saturday, ahead of a concert to be held later in the day by celebrated conductor Zubin Mehta. Organizers said the concert would go ahead despite demands by Indian Kashmiri separatists for the event to be cancelled on grounds it would allegedly legitimize Indian "state repression" in the restive region.

This Ramzan the Indian army is exploring gastronomical route to win the hearts and minds of the people in the restive Jammu and Kashmir. From Rajouri to Gool and from Kupwara to Tangmarg, the army is throwing Iftaar parties in remotest corners of the state to celebrate Ramzan with the common people. The sub-text of the Iftaar bashes is to uild bridges and improve its image amongst the general public.

The history bears testimony to the fact that legitimate aspirations for freedom may be suppressed for some time but cannot be denied for-ever. Kashmiris are destined to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination, however difficult this proposition may seem at present, says a press release received from Berlin on Friday. This was stated by Pakistan's Ambassador to Germany, Abdul Basit at a seminar organised by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin to mark the 27 October as the Kashmir Black Day.