Late in 2010, TNS released a Kenya digital study as part of a three month study of the habits of online Africans. In Kenya it involved 800 interviews – 400 online, 400 face-to-face and tried to answer various questions like – who is online? What are people doing online? How can brands connect? What messaging/digital communication channels are best?

Kenya's government spokesman said Tuesday that a U.S. characterization of the country as a "swamp" of corruption in reports of leaked diplomatic memos is "malicious" if true.

In a country famed for its distance runners and sweltering sun, few would expect Kenya to be enthusiastic about winter sports. But at an ice rink in the capital, some young Kenyans are playing a new and exciting western game.

Over the years, France, a member of the European Union (EU), has used cultural diplomacy to win over countries and spread her influence around the world. In French-speaking Africa, the European economic powerhouse has sustained her ties, through cultural programmes, whether in cinema theatre, music or fashion.

The Government is on a charm offensive following the controversy sparked by the visit of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir. Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang'ula has moved to secure international support for the implementation of the new constitution. International support has been a major driver to Kenya’s reform process since the 2007 post-election violence...

As Kenya takes a step in a positive direction, its trajectory from violence and complete institutional breakdown to slow but constructive change should be an opportunity for the international community and United States to evaluate the potential and limitations of preventive diplomacy as a concrete foreign policy tool.

Underlying the hearts and minds strategy is a simple - and mistaken - assumption that aid projects will generate goodwill towards the US and reduce local support for terrorists and militant Islamist ideology. However, in our conversations we found no evidence that the US has been winning hearts and minds.

Brand Kenya Board has embarked on a programme to give unique identities to municipal councils. The programme will enable regions to develop brands themed along their core activities and main products.