The Turkish International Co-operation and Development Agency (TIKA) has been conducting important restoration projects throughout the Balkan countries, which were under Ottoman rule from the 15th to the 19th century, to preserve cultural and historical heritage.

This really is most likely the initial national slogan which turns the spotlight around the people and also the human spirit as opposed to the country, its natural marvels or history. This can be a quite strong and assured statement of Kosovos attitude like a country as well as its future intentions.

According to him, the Council will offer it to the government for adoption and then to the Serbian parliament. Nikolić told daily Danas that he would appoint Defense Minister Aleksandar Vučić as secretary of the National Security Council when this becomes possible and in line with the law. The secretary will have an office in the Serbian Presidency building.

Japan's investment and skills are crucial to Kosovo's development, but the country also has much to offer Japanese businesses seeking opportunities in the region, visiting Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci told The Japan Times in an interview Thursday.

The main idea of this multilateral project lies in opening as many communications channels as possible between Kosovo and the ‘difficult’ states who still keep their doors closed to a normal governmental and civil communication but also to help the society...

Deputy Minister Selim...emphasized that the aim of the conference was to raise public awareness and to improve Kosovo’s image, by using public diplomacy as a method by which the Republic of Kosovo can strengthen its presence in Brussels and in capitals of states that have not yet recognized it.