LGBT rights

Exploring the power of PD to empower and advocate for marginalized communities.

The United States turned to cultural diplomacy on Tuesday to push gay rights at the United Nations by taking 15 U.N. ambassadors, including those from Russia, Gabon and Namibia, to see an award-winning lesbian musical on Broadway.

A recent article in The New York Times, “U.S. Support of Gay Rights in Africa May Have Done More Harm Than Good,” has prompted a great deal of discussions among those engaged in international advocacy on the human rights of LGBT people. 

Within the quietly thriving gay scene in India’s entertainment and financial capital, one thing appears to be common. “Everybody from the gay community is using Grindr,” Inder Vhatwar, a Mumbai fashion entrepreneur, said of the dating app geared toward gay men.

Since 2012, the US government has put more than $US700 million...into supporting gay rights groups and causes globally. America's money and public diplomacy have opened conversations and opportunities in societies where the subject was taboo just a few years ago. But they have also made gay men and lesbians more visible - and more vulnerable to harassment and violence....


The show, called 'Sapno ki Baraat', was organized by the Society for Peoples' Awareness, Care & Empowerment (SPACE), an organization dedicated to working for the marginalized sections of society. [...] "LGBT rights are a part of the Netherlands' commitment to human rights. To this end, we support this program, which, we hope, will help improve things for the community in India," he said.

October 30, 2015

A look at the myriad powers of sports diplomacy within the global arena. 

Americans are gung-ho for Pope Francis' U.S. visit — if they know he's coming. But most Americans (52 percent) and nearly a third of Catholics (31 percent) say they hadn't heard about the pope's September visit to Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C., according to a new survey released Tuesday by the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service.