literary diplomacy

A book talk about memory, identity and the American experience, April 5, 2017. 

From literary exchanges to music festivals, this PD News roundup is all about art. 

The United States and Cuba are on the road to re-establishing diplomatic and cultural ties after a half-century of hostilities. [...] But the American Booksellers Association and other big players in the publishing industry are concerned that he is neglecting a major piece of business. While many cultural links between Cuba and the United States have been restored, book selling has not been. Consequently, the industry has petitioned the president to bring that to an end. 

The book fair, organized by New York nonprofit Printed Matter and held at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Geffen space in Little Tokyo, will feature more than 250 exhibitors, and is expected to draw upwards of 30,000 visitors. This will include art book purveyors from all over the U.S., as well as locations as far away as Norway, Japan, Guatemala and New Zealand.

Photography artist Rıza Erdeğirmenci traveled around Turkey for two years for his latest book ‘Lokanta.' He spent days at tradesmen restaurants and observed culinary culture. [...] Erdeğirmenci believes that food is where our culture shows. 

Muscat International Book Fair 2016 will begin from February 24 and continue until March 5, 2016, the organisers said. [...] The earlier editions of the fair were attended by more than 570 publishers from 25 countries, who were allocated integrated halls for children’s literature, which allowed them to conduct multiple activities for literature lovers.

The 2016 Taipei International Book Exhibition will feature Hungary as its theme country, introducing the country's literature, illustrations, photography and cinema to Taiwanese readers, the Taipei Book Fair Foundation announced Wednesday.