museum diplomacy

‘Soft power” refers to winning people over on the basis of cultural appeal and ethical values [...]. It’s by no means a novel concept, but it has particular contemporary relevance in a fractious, crowded, pluralistic world. MuseumNext is a peripatetic series of conferences on the future of museums that begins its Dublin iteration today. Among the subjects it will address is the idea of museums as agents of soft power.

Light and Shadow exhibition, which represents Belarus of the early 20th century, opened in Israel. [...] Belarusian exhibition Light and Shadow after Israel will be sent to Astana, then to a historical and cultural journey to other countries. And only at the end of the tour it will be officially opened in Belarus.

In Washington, D.C., home to most national museums in the country, should there be a museum expressly dedicated to Asian Pacific American history and culture? For Franklin Odo, the founding director of the Smithsonian's APA program from 1997-2010, that has since been upgraded to a "center," the time has come for an even further upgrade to a full-fledged museum.

In the latest sign of heightened cultural diplomacy between France and Russia, Manet’s Olympia (1863) will travel from the Musée d’Orsay in Paris for an exhibition at the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow that opens to the public on 19 April.

In February, Financial Times did a special report on the opening of the southern branch of NPM, saying that Taiwan is using “museum diplomacy” to improve its global standing and international visibility.  [...] Different from the Taipei Branch, the museum showcases permanent exhibitions on Asian art history, the shared regional heritage of tea, Buddhist art, textiles, history of Chiayi and holds temporary special expositions.

Blocked by Beijing from maintaining diplomatic ties with most of the world and barred from many global organisations, Taiwan is turning to museum diplomacy to boost its international standing and highlight its history as a regional entrepôt rather than a province of China.

Last 30th of September, the French and Dutch ministers of Culture announced publicly the join purchase by the Louvre and the Rijksmuseum of a pair of portraits by Rembrandt. A premiere in the history of museology, and a new step in European non-governmental relations.

A new museum celebrating the history of American diplomacy is being built at the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Diplomacy Center (USDC) will feature 238 years of American diplomatic history, as well as an education area for students interested in diplomatic careers.